"Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colo-rectal cancer and underwent treatment.  After 4 years of Chemotherapy treatments and surgeries I had many awful side effects: neuropathy, very sore joints and muscles, shortness of breath, tiredness, hot flashes, hair loss - everything that is written under side effects on the medication leaflet.  Before I was barely able to get up from the couch.   I have had difficulty going down the stairs, couldn’t make it through workouts and occasionally I felt like I was descending into a bottomless pit.  I met Mlee at my Integrative Oncology at MD Anderson and she changed my life.  I have less pain, have much more energy and am active in sports again.  Reflexology and massage works great and I recommend it for anyone, but especially for people who have cancer as it improves your quality of life and reduces the many side effects of the medications.  I hope more people will find their way to you and thus improve their quality of life."               Kimberley N, Maricopa, Az

Mlee has been treating my neuropathy on my feet with reflexology since 2012 after I was diagnosed with  Colon Cancer.  I was experiencing loss of feeling, shootiing pains and "freezer burn" on my feet, ankles and calves almost to the knee.  I have still not received all the feeling back in my feet but I can now detect  when I have stepped on something harmful or dangerous because I have most of the feeling back in my feet.  I can definitely tell a difference when I have missed a session.          Billie W, Tempe, Az

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